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Thank you so much for 10,000 Subscribers. As I promised a special video with your most requested comments! Welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, I created a guide for people who want to learn more about Among Us. Impostor and Crewmate tips! I hope you all enjoy and I’ll see you in the next one! 🙂

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Among Us is a multiplayer game where 4-10 people are all aboard a ship and are trying to prepare it to take off while one person among the innocent Crewmates is an Impostor. The Crewmates must complete given tasks in order to take off while the Impostor’s goal is to eliminate crewmates without anybody suspecting them as the brutal killer. I have given a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this! If you guys enjoy this video, I will post more tutorials on how to play! Hope you all enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe, drop a like and comment what you think! I’ll see you in the next one! 🙂


  1. 7:15 as soon as she hit the kill button an ad appeared and it was goku doing the dragonball thing🤣

  2. Nobody talks about shelly's luck of getting impostor while me I get crewmate 100 times then be impostors once then get voted out by a discord kid

  3. I recently started playing, but i dont like being imposter. Cause I get nervous and can't act to save my life

  4. Shelly: some people are good as impostor
    Also Shelly: kills the whole competition when she's impostor

  5. Both sides are fun to me.
    It’s so satisfying to catch someone red handed

  6. Believe it or not, my little cousin used to Play among us before it was popular and I had no idea wtf he was playing bc it looked so confusing lmao

  7. bruh ur so good
    the only thing im good at is getting crewmate ;-;

  8. Hello shelly snipes your tricks are very but I have my own tricks through witch I win every game in which I am a imposter

  9. Shelly:The most important to imposter are you have to lie

    Me:Not good lying and Got a dog brain😳

  10. Oh my god! this is so amazing! you're so good at this Shelly, and you can also hide in storage with those box, if you're a crewmate, you can find the imposter killing someone, if you're hiding in storage with those box, and then you saw someone killing, and you can vote em out, I know that because I watch some of those crewmate videos, and they're so amazing too! and you're also good at this Shelly! 🥰🙂💜 Or you can hide anywhere, but you have to watch those crewmate videos, just watch those videos and then you'll know! 💙👌✔️

  11. I all ways kill the one watching cams because they know if I kill

  12. No one:
    literally no one:
    Me as an impostor: didn't killed anyone but they accuses me as an impostor
    Me as an crewmate:*Staying in the security all the time*

  13. Im not noob btw i always watch your video so im not noob now anyway thanks for all the tips❤

  14. Shelly supposed to get 7billion subs cause she is humbl kind

  15. Who noticed lime 64yo in the 1at gameplay like boomers assemble

  16. Bruh its soo hard when you play on discord with friends can you make a video like that

  17. I always get caught as impostor, and i always get killed first as a crewmate i wish to be a pro like u shelly

  18. I love her voice though like its so satisfying and I love her tips and tactics!

  19. I panic more being an impostor than I do when I am giving exams 🙁 you rock shellllly ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Killing toxic and/or annoying people first is also one of my favorite past times!

  21. its very enjoyable to watch your among us videos. also i love your BOP sound.

  22. i know that in the fix wiring task red is always the first one on the right side blue is always the second on the right yellow is always the third on the right and pink is always the fourth on the right now i can do the task without looking at the right side

  23. some words in among us put a ********* for no reason like in among us if you type hiding spot it will say hid*******t

  24. I be god in among us doing tasks fast by myself but be impostor and detective you are my master

  25. I’m so good at impostor now thanks to you I’m still working on crewmate

  26. I love being an imposter but shelly says that she likes being a crewmate
    The reason I hate being a crewmate is because while I'm doing my tasks I sometimes get killed by imposter
    I love being an imposter
    And being a crewmate imposter can sabotage and you can be killed so that's why I hate being crewmate

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