THE ULTIMATE AMONG US TIPS AND TRICKS GUIDE! Impostor Crewmate Sabotage, Admin, Logs, Vent Tips (2k)

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This is the Ultimate Among Us Tips and Tricks Tutorial Guide for Crewmate and Impostor . How to vent as a crewmate This includes guides for Sabotage Admin Logs and more on Among Us . Among Us Sabotage . Among Us Logs . Among Us Admin . How to use things in among us . Impostor Tips and tricks among us crewmate tips and tricks among us . How to sabotage in among us . how to play crewmate in among us . how to play impostor in among us . how to vent as a crewmate



  1. This is a 2k Subscriber Special 🙂 it’s a compilation of my most popular Among Us Tips and Tricks Tutorial Videos 😊❤️ hope you find it useful. thanks for everything!

  2. 2k let’s get it!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 can’t wait for 1 mil

  3. Congrats on 2k!!! Alps what kinda pc you got I'm thinking of getting one

  4. Some little things that I noticed weren't in the video: cameras. You can see people kill people, you can see people walk into dead-end rooms with people and then within 5 seconds report their bodies. You can tell if somebody is watching cameras by a red light on the cameras themselves flickering. Cameras are NOT obscured if lights are off. On the skeld, it is one screen in security that has four cameras, which are all shown in a split screen sort of way. In Polus, there are multiple cameras that have to be switched through. The cameras on the skeld look like regular CCTV cameras. Cameras on Polus are those dome things, y'know? Doors on the skeld can't be manually opened, but will open automatically after some time. On Polus, all doors closed are closed permanently until somebody opens them. Fixing lights can be made impossible if the impostors are persistent, as flicking a switch will also flick the same switch for everybody else using it. This means one impostor can just stop people from fixing the lights while the other kills in the dark. Every sabotage is fixed the same way through every map, with the exception of O2, which is not on Polus, and communications, which are fixed differently on Mira than the skeld and Polus. On the skeld and Polus, comms are fixed by turning a dial until a red light stops glowing. On Mira, there are two radios, one in office, and the other in communications. A code has to be put in BOTH of them. There are three different status that these radios can be at. "Not Active" this means nobody is interacting with it. "Active" this means somebody is interacting with it. "OK" this means the code has been entered. The OK status will only be there until a new code is brought, which happens around every ten seconds. For it to be fixed, both radios have to be OK. When using a radio, you will see the status of the other radio.

  5. Fun fact: the reason MIRA doesn't have uploads (except one but its different from all the others), is because it is the HQ. The upload tasks are uploading to HQ. You don't need to upload to HQ if you're already in HQ. For all we know, the upload task in MIRA is just moving all the stuff uploaded from the other maps.

  6. You are a really underrated youtuber keep up the good work you earned a new sub 😉

  7. I had a request Please Speak More Louder 🙏🏻
    Thank You 😘

  8. You deserve 2k these tutorials are way better than the ones with no mic and you have to read words

  9. Im late but keep up the grind and you will blow up one day trust

  10. So you just merged your other tips videos in one big tips video. Not good, man.

  11. But you can't close doors and turn off oxygen, it's just not possible, because it would give impostor an easy win

  12. everyone while sabotaging plz do not forget to walk or u will be caught by skilled crewmates

  13. Here's a Tip on Skeld, Wait in the security room and look at the med bay vent, If it opens, look on cams immediately and whoever walks out of med bay is the imposter no doubt.

  14. Isn’t the thumbnail the same one for the admin table except you just named it different?

  15. He switches maps and will be talking about a different map than the video shows(vents he switches random maps back&forth)….confusing and down voted….I’m looking for videos to help other increase IQ and not confuse them

  16. man, in just over a month @MARCUSK gained over 10K subs…….congrats on the rapid growth + i need to completely understand the basics soooo……this is very helpful. i actually know what to do at these situations(except for comms), but i could not execute them properly. these kids of vids helped me to do it in games. thank you 🙂

  17. 6:21 they didnt in electrical because one of the crew mates thing blinks when there is a kill.

  18. It's a good video so far but I'm pausing to scroll through the comments because my ADHD hellbrain keeps having to rewind and try to re-process because the things the voiceover is talking about and the footage shown don't always line up with the context and apparently my monkey brain can't handle it "they're talking about the Skeld…but showing footage of Mira HQ….ERROR. DOES NOT COMPUTE."

  19. Fun fact: some tasks have animations in skeld there are 3 polos 1 mira 1

  20. Wooow this video is 2k special and you already have almost 100K <3 BTW GREAT VID

  21. The MIRA HQ map logs other method that they passed the southeast sensor then the north then the southwest doesn’t work 100% but it 99% works because if they walk on the north sensor but don’t go past it then that means it only comes up once on the logs, therefore not being 100%

  22. 6:25 If there were a kill in the Electrical the Icon can't disappear, as dead bodies are also show. So are you lying ?

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