To The Point: ‘Among Us’, How to play Crewmate (and maps)

To The Point
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Mastering Among Us as a Crewmate, with bonus map information.

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Crewmate Tips:
Start minute long tasks first
Complete visual tasks only with others
Stick with those who are confirmed crewmate
Common tasks – look for out of the ordinary
Stop the sabotages asap!
Check in on crewmate pairs
Report bodies immediately
Check on vents behind walls
Remember the Tipping point!
Stay on topic
Dont hold grudges (every group has an exception)

Map tips:
Skeld – Crewmates – stick together, easy win!
Skeld – Imposters – Kill quick! Dont let them get together
Polus – Crewmates – be wary of the vents and corner tasks
Polus – Imposters – Abuse the wide open map
Mira – Crewmates – beware the vents, stick together
Mira – Imposters – ABUSE THE VEEEEENTS

 Maps: – Skeld –
Mira –
Polus –

Credits for creating Mira and Polus maps:

Official Among us Discord:

Final Track – Daybreaker by Waterflame:-

0:00 Intro
0:51 Crewmate Tips
3:42 Crewmate Discussions
5:51 Map Tips


  1. NUMBER 1 TIP: ALWAYS go down to admin to see who fakes card scan in the space ship map, i can win almost any game in 2-3 rounds

  2. I love this game but I fucking hate playing with randoms. Idiots will just vote you out for any tiny reason or accusation and not even let you defend yourself. It's so irritating when you get voted out as a crewmate. Even worse when everyone's like damn you're a good imposter when they weren't, the crewmates are just retarded

  3. I actually enjoy being crewmate because I am suspicious all the time. 😂😂😂😂 but yeah people think I guy lmao 😂😂😂 i wish i could add friends 🙁

  4. I thought for a second that you said mirror instead of Mira. yes I’m the most big brain lmao

  5. The thing where you leave a room with two people and then return. I did that, sort of. I was on polus and I was going to the O2 room. I saw dark green leave O2 and there was a dead body there. For some context, I was playing with randoms. I thought we would win that round effortlessly. I even told people the failsafe message “if not green vote me.” The idiots voted me out instead. I thought they would realise that green really was the impostor and vote him out. We lost that round. Some people are just too dumb to play with.

  6. I usually save the visual tasks for last to prove my innocence.

  7. Lol I’m watching loads of these to teach me how to play among us

  8. Me(Brown): does medbay scan
    Orange: Brown did medbay scan
    Yellow: Brown did scan, so he is clear
    Five mins later
    Everyone: BROWN SUS!
    Everyone: votes brown

    Brown was not the imposter

  9. who is here because they are not destined to become an impostor?:(

  10. Count tasks in the lobby if there are 2 common tasks, the top two tasks are common tasks. If 1 common task then the common task is the first one.

  11. Me seeing someone kill right in front of me: HA! This is an easy win!
    Me 2 seconds later in the meeting: *forgets what color the killer was*

  12. I remember doing a kill were a ton of people were standing in the same place.on someone in eletrical. Then I reported the body. Pinned it on purple and got him ejected.

  13. Bro i have one question does every player in amoungus get the samespot for downloading task and if 1 crewmate have in cafteria and impostor faked it that crewmate will know that i am the impostor as i took his downloading task like that or it is randomly selected plz tell me

  14. Sadly no one seems to play like this.
    I only encounter noobs, hackers, ragequiters, right away disconnecters, haters, and stupids. Plenty, plenty of stupids.
    Then there's me.

  15. I'm okay at catching the imposter but nobody believes me and it's annoying

  16. From what I've seen, one thing that can kill a crewmate victory is throwing around suspicion needlessly. Don't throw suspicion around unless you're confident in it. Try to be as clear and concise with your points. Be willing to throw in things like i think I saw so and so do X if you're unsure. Never die on that hill if you're not reasonably sure it was suspicious activity. I'm not saying go for 100% accuracy because that's not realistic, or consistently possible to do.
    Pay attention to your surroundings. Tunnel vision on tasks can lead to complacency.
    Above all else as imp, or crew remember it's a social game meant for entertainment. Don't take it seriously. At first glance it looks like a game that is designed to ruin relationships. If it's taken that seriously maybe you,and/or your friends should stop playing it. Either that, or don't play it as much.

  17. Listening to this guy’s voice is like listening to butter

  18. Man now I can win against those 500iq randoms that got imposter thanks

  19. Me as imposter: do not act sus Emergency meeting: brown why you kill in front of me don't lie me brown me:but you saw me do thrash don’t vote me him: 2 imposters you 1 one don’t lie you a hacker then if you are not me: imposter him oh no I got to hide in a vent he was my friend everyone: it has to be him he got it right 5 times and he was imposter it is him me: he is going to get voted off

  20. My favorite sabotage for the end of the round when there are 2 crewmates and one impostor is comms because nobody expects it

  21. 5:06 the ejects are even, the dont ejects are odd. tho must eject when 2 imp 3 crew

  22. "Don't just vomit information out" Aaaactually…. I'd argue quite the opposite. Spit out information on anybody you saw recently before a meeting was called, the task you were doing, and location you are currently within. You can cross-check that with other crewmates to either catch an impostor who vented, or prove someone innocent.

  23. I don't like how he says "humans" instead of "crewmates"

  24. Me after this video: Big brain time
    After playing 8 among us rounds: Brain go brr brr

  25. i know how to play impostor but not much about crewmate, im watching this since theres a tournament for among us in my school soon and i need to "study" for it whoo

  26. Best way to win as crewmate is to act dumb and say your new imposters will probably kill infront of you it worked for me

  27. “Rebooting the coms on polus”
    “*in the background* YOU MEAN REBOOTING THE WIFI ON POLUS”

  28. You helped one of my family members learn to play the game.

  29. I don’t wanna flex or anything but I am probably a really pro crew mate I have been told soo many times that I’m a hacker or a detective or something,
    Like one time some said they were on cams with someone else and I instantly knew it was them.

    If you wanna know how I do it (but you probably don’t) I do multiple things a deep squat- this might not be true but some people say doing the deep squat helps you think better and you deductive abilities

    2. Listen to some music that helps you think clear

    3. Take note about others- notice there patterns and what they do as impostors and crew mates notice if they follow people or not.

    Side note I recommend staying on cams, not for the whole match but this way you could notice were people go, if they go in Medbay and don’t come out at all, or if two people go in a room and one person comes out and later the guy who didn’t leave gets reported.

    Those were some things I do to get good “crewmate” games

  30. Few months late but another crucial point for crewmates on Mira.

    Learn the door logs. An observant log reader can sniff out careless imposters venting around and can offer crucial info as to who was near dead bodies.

    Door logs are the main reason Mira is the hardest map for imposters.

  31. I’ve just played Among us with friends it was a ton of fun.

  32. You were right lads, this guy did blow up. Nice vid as usual 😉

  33. My teacher: today we are going to take a math test
    Among us: today I’m going to teach you all the tips and tricks of winning the game

  34. Great work as always! extra thanks for the written tips in the description

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