How to make an empty nickname Among As

Empty nickname

While playing Among Us, you may have seen players with blank character names. This is a handy trick to avoid being noticed when voting. And stay out of sight if you play as a traitor. In this article, you can read how to make yourself the same NICK.

What you need to know about Among Us?

The mobile game Among As has become popular in a few months. This is a new form of the folk game “Mafia”, which people like to play in big companies. But now we need to control the astronauts who are on the spacecraft. Each new round, ten players appear, 3 of whom may turn out to be traitors. The rest of us need to identify who it is and vote for it during the meeting.

Each player has access to unusual hats, skins and pets. The player can choose caps free of charge before the start of each game. To do this, go to the on-board computer and select the appropriate section. To get pets, the player needs to pay about $ 3 for the one they like.

How to put an invisible nickname in Among As

The invisible nickname has several advantages. Some of them may already be known to players. But not everyone knows how to do it. If you try to enter normal spaces in the name string, it will do nothing. And you are unlikely to be able to save it, and the system will require you to enter real characters for your name. In order for the computer to accept an empty nickname from you, you need to do several steps according to the instructions.

If you are already playing Among As on a mobile device, return to the main menu to the window in which you need to write your name;
Next, you need to copy the invisible symbol itself. It’s called Hange Filler and can be found at;
Now we delete the current name on the site and click on an empty line until the “Copy” button appears;
Click on it and save the nickname.
Now you can open the list of rooms or create your own and go to the game Among Us. But players will no longer be able to see your nickname, since there will be an empty space instead. Many people play this game on the computer. But not through an emulator, but on a licensed version purchased from Steam. Here, the instructions for changing the nickname will be different.

How to make an empty nickname in Among Us on PC

In order to change the game nickname on the computer, you will have to modify the game code. The instructions are suitable for Windows 10.

On the keyboard, press the WIN + R buttons together and enter the following command in an empty window: appdata;

A folder on your PC will start, in which you need to find another one – “LocalLow” and open it;
Find another folder called “Innersloth”, and in it expand “Among us”. In it we are interested in the “PlayerPrefs” file. You need to open it with a notepad;

The first word in the word document is your current name in the game. Instead, you need to insert the same symbol that was used for the mobile version of the game.

Now you need to close the file, but be sure to save all the changes made in it. Next, start the game to check if the new name appears. In the game, your character will not have a name. Instead, there will be nothing. This can be tricky.

For example, the player no longer sees his name, which could suggest that he is a traitor. Since their nicknames are colored red. Although it can be seen by the buttons of the game interface.

Traitors have Kill and Sabotage buttons that he can use to kill and sabotage the ship. They determine the role of the player on the map.

Benefits of a blank nickname in Among As

Let’s talk about the advantages of a player who has no nickname at all. First of all, such a character name tells others that the player is not a noob. His knowledge allows him to control the situation on the map. This means that the rest will listen to your opinion, despite the fact that you yourself may turn out to be a traitor. Voting expert opinion is a powerful tool for controlling the behavior of other players. Even when traitors are trying to take over the initiative.

While you wander around the map, the rest of the nickname is clearly visible, which is displayed above the head of each character. Its absence in your case will help you to be more invisible, no matter which side you play for. This will help a peaceful person hide behind obstacles. And his nickname will not stand out at the top. And helps the traitor to confuse the players who managed to see something during the murder or strange behavior.

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