How to sabotage in among us

How to sabotage in among us

Sabotage is a traitor’s ability to interfere with the work of crew members. These hindrances are divided into normal and critical.
Types of sabotage:
By criticality
Common – a type of sabotage that imposes certain restrictions, but does not require mandatory repairs for a certain period of time (if the charge for the kill is charged). This includes sabotaging communications, electricity and locking doors.

Critical is a type of sabotage that requires immediate repair within the allotted time: on The Skeld – 30 seconds, on MIRA HQ – 45, and on Polus – a minute. Representatives of this type are sabotage of the oxygen supply system and the reactor. If the crew members do not have time to eliminate the sabotage, the victory goes to the traitors

Type :


Oxygen sabotage is one of the critical hindrances. To eliminate this interference, you must enter the code in the oxygen sensors, which are located in different parts of the card.


Reactor sabotage (seismic stabilizers) is one of the critical hindrances. It causes the Reactor to explode after 30-60 seconds (depending on the card). In the case of The Skeld, in order to eliminate this interference, the crew members must go to the reactor room and use the fingerprint scanners located at the bottom and top of the room.


Communication sabotage is a common hindrance. It blocks the communication of the communication center with all other structures on the map, as a result of which the crew members lose the ability to track missions and use tracking devices (for example, cameras, heart rate sensors, durlog and the captain’s bridge). To eliminate this interference, it is necessary to tune the frequency of the radio receiver by moving the slider to the left or right until an accurate and smooth signal is achieved.

Electricity :

Electricity sabotage is a common hindrance. It turns off absolutely all lighting on the map, thereby allowing you to secretly kill crew members. In addition, it even slows down the execution of tasks by other players, since with a minimum viewing radius it is not so easy to find the way to the desired mission. To eliminate this interference, it is enough to switch all the levers in the room with the electrical panel to “light green indication”. After that, the transmission of electricity will be resumed, and the lighting will reappear.


Door sabotage is a common hindrance. It closes the doors for 10 seconds, while the recharge of each door is divided, which allows you to close several doors on the map at once, however, using a different type of sabotage will start the recharge of all door sabotages. Also, when at least one door is closed, the recharge of other sabotages begins.

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