Among us: how to use them imposter on the Skeld map

how to use them imposter on the Skeld map

Among us: I tell you about the best rooms and how to use them imposter on the Skeld map

Hello friends! Today we will take a walk on The Skeld map in Among us and find the best places for an imposter on it.

Among us is an indie game that has become very popular in 2020. A group of up to 10 people, each gets the role of a peaceful crew member and a traitor (imposter). Traitors on a tour (in the rink, as the players say among themselves) can be up to 3 people. It’s always more interesting to play as an imposter, but it is not so easy to win. I have already written in detail about the ventilation in which a traitor can hide, and about the cameras by which you can monitor the ventilation and various rooms. And about the secret places in Among us, where the imposter can hide and quietly do his job. Today, let’s talk about the best rooms in which it will be easiest to hide after a murder.

1. Electricity room

The best room for a traitor, as if specially designed for him. The process of completing tasks is not visible to others, one entrance-exit, and in the corner behind the shields and wires, a ventilation hatch is comfortably hidden, leading to the security room and to the first-aid post. You can’t imagine any cooler! We arrange to sabotage the door to prevent unnecessary witnesses from entering and the trick is in the bag. The only danger is that at the exit in the security room or in the first-aid post someone will watch you, or see you on surveillance cameras. There is always someone pushing.

2. Security room

A popular room among both civilians and traitors. They often come here to check the image from video cameras, there would be no business to do. The strategy of victory in the security room for the imposter: watch for a lonely observer for the cameras, run into the room, block the door, destroy the observer and escape through the ventilation to the infirmary or into the electric one.

3. Navigation room

One of the best rooms for destroying the peaceful. You can pretend that you are doing the task. And after you remove the victim, slip away into the shields or into the armory, or somewhere else, until the body is found.

4. Room with engines

Both the upper and lower engine are equipped with ventilation hatches, which are conveniently located in the corner of the room. Both hatches lead to the reactor, which is located between the engine rooms. We get around the corner, remove the lonely running civilian and wind up through the ventilation into the reactor. How do you plan?

5. Room О2

The oxygen inlet is monitored, but it doesn’t matter. We sabotage oxygen and wait in ambush for the one who will come running to correct it. This method works great especially when there are few peaceful players left, or there is almost no one in this part of the map at the moment.

These were the best Imposter spots on The Skeld in Among us.

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