ARES Advanced Guide – Injustice Gods Among Us – All You Need To Know!

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A quick Advanced Guide that gives you a better understanding of the characters play-style and doesn’t waste your time! Ares has many tools to trick and trap his opponent in deadly setups. This tutorial will cover his best God Smack setups, when to activate his Phase Shifter, and how to properly make use of his Warp Transmission.

Xbox 360
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B (character trait)

1 = Square
2 = Triangle
3 = X
4 = Circle (character trait)

f = forward
b = back
d = down
u = up
qcf / qcb = quarter circle forward/back
hcf / hcb = half circle forward/back


  1. Bro I can't block his finisher, is it unlockable or am I just dumb

  2. This was really useful. Might consider ares as my next character. Thanks!

  3. Don't mention it 😉
    I really had to think outside the box with this one lol. Ares is all about tricks.

  4. NOOOO now people will actually play ares other than me 😮 lol

  5. Love the reset godsmack stuff. Totally works on people as they usually try to block it =D

  6. Yup. That's his core tactic. However, your opponent could tech-roll and ruin the spacing.

  7. I used to think that he was butt, but then I learned all this fun stuff that he had :3

  8. If they tech roll, do they have time to punish, given online lag?

  9. They wouldn't be able to punish it period, but they could avoid the setup or at the very least they wouldn't get knocked high enough into the air to combo after. It's still a good setup because most players don't tech roll. In the corner, it's a sure thing 😉

  10. If u return to SCV u should guides for the chars like u did for this game that would be awesome

  11. If u return to SCV u should guides for the chars like u did for this game that would be awesome

  12. Nightwing doesn't really have much to expand on. Unless you have any ideas?
    I dunno, he's pretty basic :/

  13. Cyborg advanced guide? some resets and pressure? Im starting to play cyborg a lot

  14. Yeah, I think he needs one. Just waiting for his Beginner's Guide to get a little more popular. Also, it's hard to learn strategies for a character that nobody uses.

  15. Sick corner reset combo for him 1 2 b2 xx db1 MB , J2, b1 2 3 xx db1 MB, 1 1 3 xx dd3b, b2 xx db1 MB, b1 2 3 xx dbf 3. like 80-90% can only escape it by jumping over cyborg 😀 its pretty easy to do online too

  16. D00D I know he is over used and has plenty of tech but could you please do one of these for Superman? There really isn't any great guides for him and I would love it if you could cover the new patch since his F23 breath pressure just leads me into back dashing from an opponents whiff. If you could give advice on how to vary it that would be amazing! 😀 I've tried many things such as jumping back into air dashes or jabbing but it hasn't really worked. 🙁 Not to mention s max damage options.

  17. I am new to fighting games and just bought injustice and like Ares alot But i suck so much at the game. Is it possible if you could help me? I have only won 1 match and lost 30+ games

  18. I recommend using an easier character for now. Ares is hard to use (even for me). Try Superman, Batman, or Doomsday to learn the basic flow of the game. If I'm ever online, then you can message me and I'll help you if I'm not busy. Keep playing online and don't get discouraged. The win/loss ration doesn't mean anything.

  19. Very nice stuff, i saw your comment on Max's channel so I checked you out, i am subbing immediately

  20. he's really underutilized and his setups are pretty devastating. You could cover how to switch stances and adapt effectively

  21. I'm having a lot of trouble with the timing of b+3 after the god smack. I'm doing it as quick as it'll let me and it isn't working. Any tips on the timing?

  22. I just mash it out, to be honest. Some characters may have too small of a hit-box for it. Try delaying your b+3 just a little bit. Also, you may not be landing the God Smack close enough to your opponent.

  23. Well, my opponent wasn't moving in this case lol. It's really just a matter of memorizing which God Smack use for each situation. Practice makes perfect 😉

  24. I main Ares and of course this advance guide was really helpfull since most of these mix-up are really good to confuse the opponents by using all his mix-up and mind games

  25. Ares is my main and ur video was helpful. I practiced for hours and your combos/combo set ups helped but i have a couple problems 1. is my problem i will slip up on God smack inputs and jump over them and i would get punished. So god smack combos are kinda risky. 2. when i vs superman, green lantern or black Adam it was extremely difficult to land God smacks they would wake up attack to dodge or counter or they would jump every time before i would hit but besides that good video

  26. ares seems like a good underused character. has good zoning potential and a helpful teleport to punish unexpecting opponents. i guess the key to him is to remain unpredictable and use resets and setups often. I was wondering is there a good wakeup for ares?

  27. Not really. His teleport is okay, but not super useful. Your best bet is to block on wake-up most of the time.

  28. oh ok. its just that i dont really like to use the top tier characyers so was looking for an alternative. any other suggestions?

  29. Of course he's low tier. What does that have to do with the guide?

  30. Because he has to work harder than most characters to do it. He also has few mix-ups and isn't good at zoning or rush-down. It's not that he's bad, he just isn't super easy to use like other top-tier characters.

  31. Ok,thx. For the reply man,have not tried ares,just noticed that he hits like a truck;-)

  32. does the new patch make ares any better. i heard that you cam do new stuff with his teleport and a few more moves are combo able . might be worth releasing a new vid

  33. The new patch makes Ares a lot better a keeping up pressure, due to his new ability to immediately attack opponents after a meter-burned teleport. There are few people who expect a down 1 into sword lift after a meter-burned teleport and it's a good attack to start combo's with.

  34. Yeah, that's a good idea. He's much better after the patch. He can easily do around 53% damage now.

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