Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – The Heretic Among Us fight Guide

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Failed 3 times at this fight, Character is 42 Black Mage wench. Realized how to win when starting attempt number 4.

Doofs Top Tip – Make sure both Knights survive the initial encounter with the adds, one is guaranteed to get smashed if you don’t help the poor bugger. other one might be fine.

The damage from the 3 gobshites that fight with you is about enough to take down inquisitor dick head, You should just focus on any adds and get the odd sly dig on the dick head.

Dick head hits like a truck, and was always focusing his smash on me, so I had to run around like a little wimp trying to avoid him, the 3 stooges will sometimes heal you, but it’s unreliable at best in my experience.


  1. 9 Years later and yet again, it helped a lost adventure get through this. Thank you kindly!

  2. Failed it many times until I watched this video to see the mechanics.

  3. This fight is a bit counter-intuitive. Usually it pays to concentrate on the boss and just dodge the adds. Not here, because the adds will take out the knights.So the strategy to take out the adds first and leave the boss to the knights works much better. Even so, I missed that two hounds had concentrated on one knight behind my back and he crumpled to the ground just as I was burning them down and cast a heal on him, *too late*. But that didn't matter in the end, because by then the boss was down to 10% or so..

  4. This may work for a healy like caster but what about other class's? As a Ninja this fight keeps kicking my tush. Only have two range skills and they don't do much damage and Mr. Dragon noms my head off in two hits if I'm in melee range.

    The knights don't heal for shizzl either or often enough. Spend 90% of the 2nd phase running around throwing daggers and fireing off lighting and running in to stab him in the butt when he does his one attack. But its not enough.. Either I get my head nomed off or everyone else dies and I fail.

  5. I'm a lvl 41 Black Mage and I am 0-3 on this fight. I guess I will keep at it! Btw, the tank SUCKS in this fight.

  6. im a lvl 41 ninja and i just cant get the guys to stay alive and i cant let them get agrro on me or ill die what shuld i do?

  7. for ninja keep killing add then try to get agro and when he changes into wyvern run to the add and kill it

  8. No joke I died like six times doing this quest .. watched this video once, and then aced it. You sir or madame are AWESOME. 🙂

  9. thanks that helped me alot!
    I hated the healer there, i needed cure but he keep casting stoneskin on the ranger LOL

  10. Ugh. It looks like your NPCs are actually doing their jobs somewhat though. I had aggro on Guillaime the entire dragon phase and my healer only cast one cure the whole time. Despite being a BLM the only way I beat it was to spam Physick over and over until the NPCs killled him (and dodge AoEs and CC the wyvern), which isn't very rewarding or effective as a dps class. I guess my self heals were generating more aggro than our "tank," but when I tried letting our healer do the heals I just died immediately. I guess it didn't help my stats are only about 70% what yours are here. Guess I should invest in better gear.

  11. (SMN) This strat does not work for me, in the second phase after the heretic has transformed into a Dragon, while running around, this other flying lesser dragon shows up and simply kills one of the idiot NPC characters while I'm running around trying not to get killed by the main Heretic Dragon boss… Who completely ignore the taunts from my Egi tank as well as the Tank NPC. The NPC White Mage throws out one weak heal spell like twice in the fight. I feel like you have to be a tank, a healer, and Dmg all while running around trying not to get killed by the main boss who only focuses me. I swear the only reason this is hard is because they give you retarded NPC party members who basically are about as effective as fighting with The Three Stooges on your side.

  12. One knight will leave the group to pick up the first 3 wyverns. Go with him to defeat them and keep him alive. Attack the heretic only when there are no adds present. If the heretic targets you run in circles until one of the other three take the agro from you then attack again. Always avoid agro and kill the adds and the 3 others will do the rest. If you can slow or sleep them it can help when there are multiples.

  13. this quest is 100% bullshit but this strategy in this video worked for my dragoon. i started the fight dps hard on the guy, then when the adds came i got the adds, then went back to dpsing hard on the guy – and when he became a dragon i kept agro and just kited him around while the npcs did damage, then when the adds came i killled the adds and then dps'd full force and the dragon

  14. whoever you are you have saved me soooo much time. lvl 40 blk mage with no other cross class skills and bloody bullshit npc's i was getting wrecked. after watching this video and reading the comments i have now finally killed this massive douche. thanks everyone xD

  15. fucking npcs are useless, i also died a ton of times because if you are not a healer, you get screwed

  16. cracks up laughing I love the captions! I was frustrated with this fight, but now I'm unable to stop laughing. Love it! ROFLMAO!

  17. I died, and died, and died, and died… then watched this, and did not die. Thank you.

  18. I died soooo many times doing this but when it said fighting guide I thought it meant ALL CLASSES since I'm a gladiator and not a thaumatugre

  19. The captions crack me up! ROFLMAO! "Come back ye pissin' fool!"

  20. I failed this so many time and I stopped playing for nearly a month because of it, I watched your video and got it first try… You are a god among men.

  21. Ok so just now Drillemont died in the very moment when I killed Guillaume. Duty failed. Something like 25th attempt. I am uninstalling this shit.

  22. I remember the first time I did this one, how frustrating it was. I kept failing it and wasn't sure what I was doing wrong. I came here and watched this video, laughing my ass off the entire time, due to the commentary ("Come back ye pissin' fool!") etc. I still crack up every time I watch it. If anyone has trouble with this duty, I link them this video and wait for them to go from being frustrated and angry to laughing their asses off by the end of it. Thank you for this! 🙂

  23. So basically, keep the idiots alive. That was easy for a white mage lol [on healing spec]

  24. Thanks to you I aced this the first try as a level 44 summoner. I just followed your directions.

  25. Thank you so much for the video! it was so helpful!

  26. Healer dies really quick if you don't take out some reinforcements. Pretty sure they made this fight easier nowadays, but it can still take a few tries.

  27. Lvl 42 Summoner and having a difficult time with this 😂. My last attempt I tried to keep the big kitties focus on me

  28. I’m lvl 40 monk and this really helped a lot. Took like 6 tries but I did it. The healer sucked and the archer was weak too lol

  29. I had to keep all the mods focused on me and had to run away so I didn’t die 😂

  30. what kind of magic is this? I've been losing at this duty all day and then I watch this and boom I win. I really appreciate this man

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