Village RAID is Among Us! – Minecraft Underground Survival Guide (90)

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Episode 90 of the Minecraft Underground series is Among us!

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Welcome back to episode 90 of the Minecraft Underground Survival series, thankyou all for the amazing support so far! today in this episode we are going to be doing a Village Raid so we need to get a group of Iron Golems to assist us. Remember to HIT that LIKE button and check out the updated download above.


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– L23 0XQ


  1. eko pleas list me in the sub wall ime wating for months now you dont noticed me

  2. Hey Ecko, I think you didn't read my previous joke before, here's a new one!!

    Why does the Strider always say "Reeee"?
    Because he is triggered when a Zombified Piglin rides on him.

  3. Can’t wait for episode 100….. I think for episode 100 you show do a trip down memory lane for the 1st 100 episodes you done and show all off you stuff off and show us how much has changed from episode 1 to 100

  4. 2:35 dear scott,
    In bedrock edition we can build an Iron golem even without an uncarved pumpkin

  5. When I invited my friend to my house for a party he said it better be a blast better invite Charlie the creeper.

  6. you can make iron golems with normal pumpkins no need to make them carved pumpkins

  7. Bug – You can spawn iron Golems with non sheared pumpkin or jack o' Lantern.

  8. Bug – Soul Fire and Soul Campfire deals same damage as normal fire and Campfire and magma blocks.

  9. Hey echo it would be great if you try to find a fossil in your world

  10. hey ecko you go until which chapter do you plan to arrive this beautiful series

  11. Ecko you need to use your ender chest. Put all your shulker boxes in the ender chests 🙂

  12. ecko how about starting a new survival guide series instead of underground survival guide it would be more exciting for me and it would be more understandable to people that is new to minecraft i didnt say shouldnt end the underground survival series but start a new one

  13. Hey eco your videos are amazing and also I enjoys your world love u eco

  14. Who else realise that eko can use uncarve pumkin pn golems

  15. When Eko say we kill golems and make golems made me laugh 😂

  16. Ecko my fanart was also there be sure to check it out!!!!(username – Aary the legendaary)

  17. Hi ecko ur villagers turned to zombies was cause of the dark room door was left opened I have a good idea why don't you use pressure plate door since u forget to close it sometimes

  18. I have a poem for all minecraft players

    We played, we tried
    We laughed, we cried
    We succeeded, we died
    We respawned and thrived

    From the zombies, to the endermen
    From the skeletons, to the pigmen
    From the spiders and creepers
    And from those annoying griefers

    From the biomes of jungles to sands
    To the mushrooms and other obscure lands
    From the snow and ice
    To the swamps which never looked too nice

    From moments with friends we’ll cherish
    From a time we hoped Herobrine would perish

    From the great animations
    To the Youtube sensations
    Along with those musical incantations

    I thank Mojang for creating my childhood
    Much better than just ‘good’
    I think I speak for everyone here
    When I say this is not game of the year
    It’s the game of the century
    As it offered us with plenty
    And these memories will never leave
    Just like the thought of first playing as Steve

    So I say close your eyes
    And listen to the music with surprise
    As your memories of Minecraft were once apart
    But now can be fixed like a broken heart

    In order to find your memories core
    You must go back to the world of Minecraft once more
    And defeat the Ender Dragon one last time
    As the sweet sounds of your childhood begin to chime

    One last thing, for me to say
    Which would be, have a nice day
    Also for you to never forget this game
    Nor the journey that came
    As a part of that journey was the end
    Quite literally, not pretend
    Just like this poem, which I hope you have all read
    As I would love it if this poem and this game is remembered once I’m dead.

  19. The totem on the thumbnail looks like an imposter or crewmate from among us

  20. ecko: leave the poor sheep alone
    also ecko: says that while killing the sheep

  21. On episode 100, generate all 29 end cities.
    Edit: 20 not 29, that was a typo.
    Edit 2: generate all 20 end gateways.

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