SABOTAGE DOORS !!! How To Close Doors In Among Us Guide! TUTORIAL How To Close Doors In Among Us !!

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  1. Man your blowing up homie! Don’t forget me when your big!! 😂😂

  2. Dude you are growing so much! Congrats. My discord is WaffleWolff#6260 if you would be down to play sometime

  3. Hey bro i was here before 2000 nice vid also ur discord its not working

  4. I remember on your stream one time, I trapped people in security and they saw me through the doors just standing there

  5. Nice Video i like to play among us!
    Wanna do a Video together I’ll dm u on discord!?
    It’s okay to say no!

  6. Nice vid bro miss playing the game but school sucks lol

  7. I searched up "among us door opening" and this was only 6th on the results!

  8. this was very useful and i never knew how to before so thank you!

  9. Doesn't everyone know how to sabotage doors?

  10. Imposter tip: as an imposter ghost (or alive imposter in admin) sabotage rooms two crewmates are in, this will raise suspicious for them both

  11. Bro I fins new trick in first map that if u become imposter u can do sabotage and door close at the same time by tapping at them same time

  12. Why recommended this crapy video everyone know accept you

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