*NEW* AMONG US STRATEGY GUIDE!! 100% Win Rate! Impostor Crewmate Tips and Tricks Strategy Tutorial!

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How to play Among us tutorial , Among Us strategy guide. This is a very useful Among Us Tips and Tricks Video. Among Us Strategy Guide Tutorial. Best way to play Impostor. Among Us with Friends. How to Play among us with Friends. Among Us Tips and Tricks 2020. Among Us tips and tricks impostor. Among us tips and ticks crewmate. Among us guide strategy tutorial tips and tricks.


  1. Very nice vid man 🙂 great tips and tricks aswell, definitely going to try and use some when I get the game

  2. A tips and tricks video, heck yeah I'm watching. Noice 🙂

  3. another tip :if there are 2 impsotors and you are in skeld just tell that you see (collour of the other impostor) does the shooting asteroids
    task it basicly clears the other impostors name

  4. I got this game yesterday along with some friends and wow. I knew it was going to be fun, but dang it's addicting. Nice tips.👍

  5. Another tip to find out the imposter is common tasks here are the common task
    The Skeld:
    Fix Wiring
    Admin Swipe Card
    Fix Wiring
    Admin code on your card task(idk what the name of it is)
    Fix Wiring
    Key task in dropship
    ID task in Office
    If you see someone doing these tasks with you then their most likely not the imposter
    Another 1 is if you see someone do a one step task(a task if you do it once your done with that task) and the task bar doesn’t go up then he’s the imposter

  6. I had no idea what the sabotage button was used for before this. I was playing hard mode this entire time

  7. Excellent! You should have way more views. Look into using smzeus . c o m. I used it to promote my social media, you could use it to promote your videos!!!

  8. yeah right 100% win rate

    edit: why did you heart my comment, do you know what sarcasm is?

  9. Bro my friends we didnt even start they blame mee for doing nothing and theire always right 🤣🤣how are they doing that ??

  10. A good strategy I enjoy is making a crewmate friend early on in the game. They’ll defend you for the first 1-2 rounds of voting usually, but then after that it’s usually safe to kill them.

    I don’t mean being full on buddies, because that would severely limit you. But just generally try and head in roughy the same direction without killing them or seeming suspicious. Give up a few perfect opportunities to kill them and rely on your imposter team mate to carry you so that should he fall, you’re not very suspicious and can continue to kill.

  11. When he said "hello there" at the start reminds me the meme

  12. Holy shit such a useful guide for someone who's only played a couple games and knows zero strategy. Thank you!

  13. Damn he wasn't lying when he said he replies to all the comments

  14. Don't forget visuals can be turned off by the host so rellying only on visuals is not good.
    Also when a crewmate does a task the task bar goes up a little less then 1 second before it closes the task screen which can help you find impostors or vouch for crewmates

  15. a other tip : in the skeld the shield prime thing task, when you do it the lights on the side of the shop light up

    like of it helped u :). (I hope it did)

  16. “You have to make sure to keep track of how long it takes to finish a task as an Imposter”

    Me faking Admin Swipe Card: I’m sorry, what?

  17. i have an idea , but my idea crew dont wanna listen , i want gain ppl trust bcoz im crewmate but they sus me and vote me out, too many task! what the purpose? wanna let impost win? , imposter has alot higher chance to win even u set 1 task….1 FREAKING TASK ! , crew not able to finish as impost run around , vent around sabotage here and there and kill everybody, english….what ? I SAID ENGLISH DAMMIT! , language barrier happen…..dun you fking left the game as crew , as you if you wish to be imposter , and then u left as crew….WHAT THE F !??? what purpose you join lobby? EVERYBODY WANT TO BE IMPOSTER , NONE OF THEM WANT TO BE CREW , resulted game ending quickly and let impost win ,stupid ass…..TEAMWORK?! the entire stupid ass crew dont know what is teamwork, so impost win so easy….. , crew sus quickly vote everybody out….who win? IMPOSTER WIN….im tired to be crew there no any ability to us….teamwork stupid , imposter has always….ALWAYS WIN (yeah but not all the time…..)

    as imposter?




    pretend stupid/innocent…


  18. Random among us summary

    I was playing among us earlier today, and I was in comms (map Polus) uploading the data when I see pink run past and white stand on top of the vent, but without knowing I was in comms, white absentmindedly vented away. I called a meeting and accused pink and white, but nobody believed me so they skipped. White was chasing me since he knew I saw him vent. So I ran towards a crowd of people so he couldn't kill me. I blended with the rest of the players then called a meeting, we decided to vote white first and if it was him they would gain my trust and vote pink!

  19. Played this game before it got removed from GP, I already always win as impostor and crewmate

  20. I spent only"" one hour"" in editing Because I know"" how to edit""🤣🤣🤣 by the way I also need support

  21. Another tip: never vote at 7 as a crewmate. There are 2 impostors, and if you vote at 7 there will be 4 crewmates. The 2 impostors can double kill then wait to kill the last 2.

  22. Do you need an intro?Well comment on my channel and tell me what name you want on the intro so i can make it and i will post it so you can screen record it and use it,this will be for you but anyone whose wathcing this do this too!

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