The Imposter Among Us

David The Baker
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Among us Skit.
Lol I wrote this Rap conversation back when the game was relevant. I hope yall enjoy!
Three Thumbs Up! don’t ask where the third thumb came from.


  1. Blue should said theres no burgere task here

  2. First I didn’t know this was a song xd

  3. Reality: That 1 guy: Red is sus
    Everyone else: yeah
    Red: Bro what the fu-

  4. purple: uhmm actually according to my calculations 🤓

  5. 99.99% of you guys probably gaslight other people

  6. how did I know it was red who did it there is no Burger task

  7. Its Yellow because He say i dont know what Is going on And after IT He say " WHO kill Black "

  8. the best defenses thing you can do in this situation is "if im not the imposter, vote red hes the one who kill black"

  9. I still play this game I have it on my Xbox and mobile device

  10. They should have known it was red the burger task is only on the airship they were in space

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