The Wolf Among Us – Missable Fables guide (Episodes 1-5)

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in this slightly over 11 minute video i’m going to show you how to get all of the missable fable entries in the game.
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  1. These games are so easy to get platinum in all you pretty much have to do is complete them

  2. In ep. 3 the tree needs to be burned as well as not burned. These are 2 different entries. So you will need to rewind for that one. Hope to clear some confusion for some people 🙂

  3. This guy explains the interrogation scene wrong. To get crane fable exhaust all the punch options and smash the bottle on his head. You get bluebeard fable the other way. Just as long as you don't hit him to much. You can hit him once or twice and still get the fable for playing nice.

  4. How do you use the rewind so that I can pick a different option

  5. Done this 5+ times hitting him with bottle and cigarette punching and nothing

  6. With 2nd save file do you have to play the episode all over again or can you skip to the parts you need? Little confused.

  7. Thanks man really appreciated the video it most have taken a really long time to make

  8. Thanks man this game will be easy to Platinum but your now making it even easier and these collectables are worth collecting because you can read there stories.

  9. Thanks a lot! A veery good guide and also a quick one 🙂

  10. Great guide really helpful got my platinum on ps4 😤🎮

  11. in episode 4 you can actually get all the fables on one playthrough, just go to lucky pawn first after that you'll go to the butcher shop automatically as part of the story

  12. I dont even understand the seasin 2 you are talking about

  13. Great guide. The last few for episode 5 were a bit muddy though.

  14. Cheers man just played this game for the first time and loved it so decent def to go for the platinum👍🏼

  15. What do I have to do be able to go to the lucky pawn in chapter 2

  16. Where did you get the Thirteenth Floor fable from?.

  17. Actually for episode 4, that was the first librarian achievement I unlocked without even trying to unlock them, I just choice for go to the lucky pawn first and happen to look at the needles before the axe, and at the end of the episode it unlocked for me. So you can get it unlocked in one play through.

  18. would be nice if you mentioned what PART of each episode the things are in. But I got it 🙂

  19. 6yrs Old & Yours Is Still The Best Guide On YouTube💯💯Thanks Waiting On Part 2

  20. Replaying again on ps5 so I'm back here again (5 years later?)

  21. For chapter 4 if u go to the pawn shop first you don't have to rewind

  22. Thank you so much man , appreciate it. Another Platinum for my collection

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